Nettle body scrub with nettle fruits.

Cold pressed vegetable oils, unsaturated fatty acids, gamma and alfa linolenic acids, tocopherols, cartenoids, polyphenols – the list of “magic” words in cosmetology is pretty long. The more complex these terms are, the more expensive is the product in the end. Shops  and pharmacies offer bottles of apple, primerose, hip-rose seed oils, and so on. On every label of every bottle there are mini reviews concerning nurturing, healing, rejuvenating and nourishing effects of the products. The price is not astonishing due to the quantity of the material needed to produce just one drop of the oil. These oils can oxidize and deteriorate very fast, thus it is better to buy a little bottle of oil and then buy another one after the previous bottle is consumed. It is worth doing so  since those oils contain unsaturated fatty acids, benefitial for the skin.

But are we forced to buy those expensive products ?

Obviously not – the so called Wild Cosmetology comes with an aid.

Lift your noble head, turn around and look at these green “weeds”. Your first glimpse – nettle. Its effect on your skin, hair or nails is commonly known; especially the duo: nettle and horsetail .

What about the nettle’s fruits? These little seeds are already known to us thanks to the outstanding “nettle salt”. This is a real cosmetic revelation. Nettle fruit contains oil in amount of about 30%, the oil which is rich in linoleic acid and linolenic acid (about 1%), tocopherol (natural vitamin E), cartenoids, polysaccharide and mucilage. In cosmetics, it has nutritional effects; it stimulates the regeneration of the tissue and blood vessels and it moderates the autoimmune aggression (helpful in curing allergic rash). Also, it improves the skin hydration and elasticity and prevents the hair loss. The products containing the essence of the nettle fruits heal the skin inflammation.

In commerce the cosmetics with nettle fruits as well as nettle fruits alone are not available. Well, everything difficult ends here, because

we can gather them ourselves.

This is neither difficult nor toilsome. You need to wait until the little fruits are ripe and then crop several dozen nettles. Then you will need to put them on a clean paper in a cool, airy place. After a few days the fruits are going to become dry and they will pour out nicely onto the paper. You may choose other technique of your harvest. The season for gathering nettle starts in July and lasts to November. It is possible to easily collect a few liters of the fruits – which I encourage you to do. DSC_0394 (1500x994)

  • Grind 50ml of dried nettle fruits and mist it with spirit.
  • Pour in some (250ml) favorite vegetable oils (olive oil, shea butter, coconut or sea-buckthorn oil).
  • Add some essential oils (tea tree, lime, orange).
  • Cover the vessel and leave it in a cool place for 2 days.
  • Grind sugar and salt (I leave granulation to your own preference) in total of 500 ml.
  • Add the previously prepared oil mixture and carefully mix it.
  • The body scrub is ready. You can put it in a sterile jar. Store it in a cool place out of the light exposure (just like with the flaxseed oil bottle)

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