Operation: Release the Cloves.

In many kitchens there are drawers which contain various spices. One of them are cloves, waiting for winter to give some extra power to mulled wine. These cloves are waiting, recalling their times of splendor. Many centuries ago they were fought for. In 260 B.C. they were respectable guests on imperial court.

 And now a drawer.

 What a wasted career.


In many homes there are people suffering from sore throat or tooth decay. In many homes there are swollen bellies and burps after some heavy food. These troubles are happy that cloves are being captive.

In summer there are mosquitoes everywhere, and some dwellings are intruded by other insects. They are prowling around, through improper places such as wardrobes, beneath a chandelier, every nook and cranny generally. Hopefully, the cloves are defeated – placed in a ‘drawery’ cell.


It’s time to release the cloves.


It’d be the best to eat one at once, to put it in your mouth and chew slowly. If you’ve got sore throat – there is no better medicine. The cloves will deal with pain in the very moment and the inflammation should die out in a few hours. The bacteria causing angina or dental caries will be destroyed.

Attention – it can sting for the first time, but then your mouth will get used to it.


Why to eat the cloves exactly?

These little, dry flowers are extremely rich in essential oils. They contain great amounts of these oils, like 16% to 20%. I had a chance to become convinced about that – I’ve got a special distillier .


This essential oil is composed of eugenol. It is a very strong disinfectant and anesthetic. During the chewing of the cloves this substance spreads in your mouth curing and desensitizing. So easy but genius all the same!

The cloves can be an ingredient of many dishes. When I put some cloves and cinnamomum bark on the scorching oil the meal will get a wonderful aroma. It’ll be lighter to digest also. Cloves make a belly’s work more effective.

I recommend making the gingerbread’s flavour by yourself . Gingerbread butter is also a thing worth recommendation.

I’ve got the cloves always at my side. If you’d like to be admitted to a Chinese emperor – eating some cloves up is like a duty. It refreshes your breath.


One of my favorite perfumes is a combination of eugenol with citrus scent. Holy basil smells like that. That smell isn’t enjoyable by neither mosquitoes nor moths.


A citrus-stuffed-with-cloves’ name is pomander. Detailed instruction of “how-it-is-made” you can find here.

I hope you got taste for a clove, or maybe you’re its fans already – like me.

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