Tea of the day in the hut of the witchcraft

Everyday life is full of gifts. A lot of them will remain un-packed. Not every person would be able to recognize the gift without candles, fanfare and without any fireworks.

I hear it a lot: I would like to be herbalist, the Plant Searcher; I would love to get familiar with every secret of a botanic world. But it is too late for such dreams and plans, because that knowledge is hidden inside of us, for a long time, packed beautifully and it is waiting.

Easter tables are of the color of sun: in the vase there is cheerful forsythia- the symbol of a spring, the cheer in the yellow color, eye-catching, lens attracting. Bravo! That’s precious herbal find, bravo for recognizing, capturing and honorably placing. It is time to taste: who knows how the forsythia tastes? How about buds? And sticks?

Turn on the curiosity

World is about million of shades. We have been thought to think in the straight line, we rarely begin to ask questions. Flours in a vase are to be admired and just it. Who would like to eat them or prepare a tea? Why? Does it make any sense? Unpack your inner gift and start to ask questions.

Edible beauty

Flours in the vase are real feast for our eyes. Think about it: how nice would be to dry them and prepare the tea instead of throwing them away when they stop the match the interior. It is worth, because the forsythia flowers contain the vitamin C and rutin. That`s a kind of herbal antivirus. Cortex helps to regenerate a liver, because it contains the syringin. The same as lilac do (link). It is easy to benefit- it is enough to brew the tea.

Forsythia flowers- instead of yellow pills

Rutin and ascorbic acid make the famous duet well known form the Rutinoscrobin tablets- served to strengthen immunity. Do not buy them anymore! Just drink the forsythia tea. Pick 20 flowers, drizzle with alcohol, and pour with hot water, after 5 more minutes drink it. Use of alcohol helps to extract rutin- substance from the flavonoids group. Organic rutin is more effective from the one in tables. Dry the whole jar of flowers for future purpose. It should be kept in dark place. It can be served to children.

Sticks are the best for the liver

Syringin, known form the lilac post, it is a kind of substance used to heal liver and pancreas diseases. Syringin dissolves in water. Forsythia cortex is good source of this substance. Prepare the stick tea- to keep wellbeing of your liver. Pick two 20 centimeters branches with the buds and flowers. Cut into pieces, put into the pot and boil for three minutes on the slow fire. Strain. Done.

My forsythia tea in witchcraft hut- made from the flowers and cortex- it has beautiful color, gentle taste of pleasure and subtle aroma. Surprisingly good; it earned 9 points of 10. I am drinking and watching other gifts. I learnt how to notice small things: lilac buds, ash cortex, sphagnum moss… I know how to use this nature potential and sharing this knowledge with others gives me a joy.

I add this text to „Whole Poland sees the Forsythia” action.

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Straight from the bush?

Yeap, forsythia flowers can be eaten straight from the bush. Make sure the flowers are clean! They are bitter like as usually the things good for the liver.

 Edible decoration?

It is not a new idea; in the winter time we ate the Christmas tree!

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